Two Years of Rust

Felix Klock (@pnkfelix), Mozilla

(adapted from carols10cents blog post to space: next slide; esc: overview; arrows navigate


Since Rust's first birthday:

  • 10,800 commits by 663 contributors
  • 56 RFCs merged
  • 4,405 new crates published
  • 48 new companies running Rust in production
  • Four conferences so far this year (lots of online video) ...
  • ... three more conferences still to come: RustConf 2017 (Portland OR, USA), RustFest Fall 2017 (Zurich, Switzerland), Rust Belt Rust 2017 (Columbus OH, USA)
  • (for other stats see blog post)

Production Use

  • Rust in production: Friends of Rust;
  • Dropbox: Magic Pocket (see Wired article); Rust in Windows desktop client (see also @jamwt air mozilla talk)
  • Mozilla: Servo nightlies; Oxidation initiated w/ Firefox 48; Project Quantum
  • GNOME: from experiments in October 2016 to hackfest in March 2017
  • npm: Using Rust to serve JS packages (see @ag_dubs talk at RustFest Spring 2017)


Goals for 2017:

  • Lower learning curve

  • Pleasant edit-compile-debug cycle

  • Basic but solid IDE experience

  • High quality crates and crate accessibility

  • Support writing robust, high-scale servers

  • Integrate into large build systems

  • Provide community-based mentoring at all levels

Lower Learning Curve

  • Language Ergonomics Initiative

  • 2nd ed of "The Book"

  • match and ownership ergonomics
  • non-lexical lifetimes
  • lifetime elision improvements
  • and many more ideas in flight!

Edit-Compile-Debug Cycle

  • Incremental compilation; try it out on Nightly with CARGO_INCREMENTAL=1 cargo <command>
  • Improved full compilation times; better by 5-10% on average

Mentoring at all levels

  • RustBridge for getting started with Rust
  • Interns via Outreachy and GSoC
  • Identification of low-committment, high-impact tasks; e.g. improved error messages
  • Language Team Shepherds
  • Growth of number and size of subteams; more opportunities to step into leadership roles

Happy 2nd Birthday Rust

Thank you to every member of our awesome community!