pnkfelix rust questions and explorations

Felix S. Klock II

March 2013

Felix's visitor refactoring will eventually require default methods to make much sense. But default methods are known to be flaky.

As tjc said, "Some of the above may need updating in order to work with incoming."

pnkfelix's list of bugs for triage

felix's 10 bugs for this week are:

The mission:

Previous weeks' bugs:

For reference: The Rust "Maturity Milestones".

Various discussions from rust-dev

Way old stuff below

Unsure what to do with the following 0.6 issues

Rust candidates for closing from 0.6 milestones

Rust candidates for Felix to attempt to fix

* [#](

Remaining items on his semi-sorted 0.6 queue

pnkfelix :
   1972: Bad file/lines in error (assert/fail/alt check) messages from inline functions [I-wrong] [A-diagnostics] 3
   2338: Cannot move upvars through multiple closures [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] 1
   2373: Reorganize llvm and clang libs and bindings [I-cleanup] [A-llvm] [A-build] [B-RFC] 4
   2873: Rework the way test harness prints "test %s ..." [A-testsuite] [I-papercut] 3
   2887: Use proper spans in ext::tt::transcribe [I-cleanup] [A-syntaxext]
   2888: Possibly handle macros in fold [A-frontend] [I-completion] [A-syntaxext]
   2914: Misleading resolve error with multiple imports [I-papercut] [A-resolve] 1
   2959: vec::u3::is_ascii in documentation, not in language [A-docs] [E-easy] [I-wrong] [A-rustdoc] 2
   2969: "assigning... prohibited due to outstanding loan" could be clearer [E-easy] [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] [A-regions] 1
   3064: Better error message for "error: `break' outside of loop" inside of `do' inside of `for' [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-papercut] 4
   3080: "unsafe" on methods doesn't work [E-easy] [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] 5
   3121: assertion failure in trans_alt when combining if, nested patterns [A-codegen] [I-ICE] 42
   3224: Pattern-destructing a struct inside a ~-pointer violates linearity [A-typesystem] 14
   3243: stack allocated vecs can be returned from functions [I-wrong] [I-crash] [A-regions] 5
   3320: Remove bare function types, replace with inference [I-cleanup] [A-typesystem] 2
   3321: Add `extern "abi" fn` type to represent C pointers [A-typesystem] [I-enhancement]
   3392: language version markers [E-easy] [I-completion] [A-grammar] [A-versioning] @
   3396: Possible memory corruption or vec misbehavior in metadata [I-wrong] [A-regions] [A-metadata] [A-versioning] @
   3414: Bots should run with optimizations both enabled and disabled [I-wrong] [A-build] 1
   3469: Using constants at compile time to define vector lengths [A-frontend] [I-completion] [E-hard] 8 @
   3476: Remove rtcalls in favor of lang items [A-libs] [E-easy] [A-codegen]
   3478: tests for cleanup in guards [I-completion] [A-codegen]
   3599: net_tcp read timeout [A-libs] [I-wrong] 4
   3612: iter map [A-docs] [A-libs] [I-papercut]
   3631: rust 0.3.1 fails to compile with host clang installed [I-wrong] [A-linux] [A-build] 3
   3682: String concatenation with + only type-checks if the first operand is an owned pointer [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] 2
   3687: Add a way to link by git commit id [A-libs] [I-enhancement]
   3692: Structs with missing fields list all the fields as missing in error messages. [A-frontend] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics] 4
   3723: Improve error message when type is unknown [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics]
   3726: Remove unneeded exports in syntax::parse::parser [A-frontend] [I-cleanup]
   3775: revert rust's clang iOS6 buildsystem hotpatch [I-wrong] [A-llvm] [A-build]
   3867: operator overloading seg fault [I-crash] [A-codegen] [A-traits] 2
   3888: region error "Cannot encode region variables" [A-regions] [I-ICE] 3
   3970: Incorrect whitespace check in comment parser [I-wrong] [A-parser]
   3986: Cross-crate private methods can be called [A-linkage] [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   3990: Internal compiler error on invalid field name in struct literal [A-typesystem] [I-ICE]
   4063: Non-constant repeat count expr causes ICE [I-ICE] 11
   4082: pub/priv qualifiers on variants don't seem to get serialized [A-linkage] [I-wrong] 3
   4102: Calling default methods on type parameters that are type parameterized traits does not work [I-wrong] [A-traits] 1
   4104: Master branch failed at building on macos (assertion failure) [I-wrong] [A-macos] [A-build] [B-clarifying] [B-reproduce] 6
   4134: Type use probably doesn't work right with overloaded operators [I-crash] [A-codegen]
   4137: Replace ty_param_bound with trait_ref in AST [E-easy] [I-cleanup]
   4189: vec::raw::memcpy/memmove do not do bounds checks [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-wrong] 5
   4202: Error when using cross-crate static methods exported from a private module via `pub... [A-linkage] [I-wrong] [A-resolve] [A-traits] 2
   4254: Not building immediately as Ubuntu PPA on Launchpad [I-wrong] [A-linux] [A-build] 3
   4320: result::get() causes "Entry Point Not Found" on Windows [I-wrong] [A-windows] 2
   4333: Segfault from using casted trait [I-crash] [A-codegen] [A-traits] 1
   4407: rusti segfaults for trivial programs [I-crash] 1
   4468: Avoid creating empty .so/.dylib/.dll files [A-build] [I-papercut] 2
   4545: ICE with crate & polymorphic constructor function [A-linkage] [I-ICE] 1
   4899: Bus error 10 on x86_64 platform [I-crash] [A-codegen] 2
   4904: Segfault with hashmap, boxes and pattern matching [A-libs] [I-crash] [A-codegen] [A-regions]

   *** Here is where Felix left off ***

   4912: Finish removing inner-vector-mutability [A-libs] [A-frontend] [I-cleanup] [A-testsuite]
   4972: Borrowed ptr to boxed trait exposes "uniq" type [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   5036: Rename all .rc extensions to .rs [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1
   5153: ICE when calling method on trait object with incorrect self type [I-ICE] [A-traits]
   5423: After snapshot, update the abi constants in syntax/ [E-easy] [I-cleanup] [A-codegen]
jbclements :
   3093: change + mode to pass by-value [I-wrong] [A-codegen] 3
   3598: infer or permit declarations of variance for type parameters [A-typesystem] [B-RFC] [B-clarifying] 2
   4335: lifetime cannot outlive unknown scope. Please report a bug... [I-wrong] [A-diagnostics] [A-regions] 2
   2064: Rust<->C by-val ABI issues on 32bit [I-wrong] [A-codegen] 8 @
   3816: Configure script provides no feedback during `git submodule update` [E-easy] [A-build] [I-enhancement] 3
   3784: Merge def_mod and def_ty maybe [I-cleanup] [A-resolve]
   723: Add support for #[deprecated] attribute [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-completion] 5 @
   3085: AST alt arms should take an expression instead of a block [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1
   4339: Remove `move` and `copy` keywords [A-frontend] [I-cleanup]
   3551: Invoke instructions kick us off the FastISel path [A-llvm] [I-slow] 5
   3360: move parts of rustrt/core to std [A-libs] [I-cleanup]
   3300: Allow items to be anonymous [A-frontend] [I-cleanup]
   3945: Bad documentation for --emit-llvm and --save-temps compiler flags [A-docs] [A-driver] [I-papercut]
   4425: De-mode core::stackwalk::frame_address [A-libs] [I-completion] 1
   4228: Can't declare static fns in multiple anonymous implementations [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   3379: adjust choice of rust nonterminals (and their names) in macro... [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] [A-syntaxext] [A-grammar] 3
   3960: Building the manual fails incorrectly when node isn't installed [I-wrong] [A-build]
   5164: Fix license attribute on crates [E-easy] [I-cleanup]
   4740: Put experimental features behind Z-flags [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1
   3369: Move all intrinsic declarations into Document them [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 2
   4193: remove check-fast driver [I-cleanup] [A-testsuite] [A-build] 1
   3356: rename vec::from_slice and/or str::to_unique [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1
   3474: The crate store does not deduplicate used crates [A-linkage] [I-wrong] [A-metadata]
   4377: Cross-crate calls to inherited methods don't work [I-completion] [A-traits] 1
   4176: `self` should be a keyword [I-completion] [A-grammar] 6
   3783: Merge type_span and type_def, and ditto with value_span and value_def [I-cleanup] [A-resolve]
   3517: Rename lint to something else [I-cleanup] [A-lint]
   4593: Mention in the tutorial that stack-allocated values are moved-by-default [A-docs] [I-completion]
   3796: Incorrect warning about value assigned to variable not being used [A-typesystem] [I-wrong]
   4183: Problem with `self` when inheriting generic traits. [I-wrong] [A-traits] 10
   3053: rooting of boxes in borrowck fails to take moves into account [I-crash] [A-regions]
   3730: Fix type of get_tydesc intrinsic in typeck::check::check_intrinsic_type [E-easy] [A-typesystem] [I-wrong]
   3571: Rewrite fmt! for performance [A-libs] [A-frontend] [I-slow] [A-an-interesting-project] 1
   2237: Move Rust's build logic into a Rust program [A-driver] [A-build] [E-hard] [I-enhancement] [A-an-interesting-project] 8 @
   3403: Move creation and initialization of strings into a rt helper [I-enhancement] [A-codegen] [I-wishlist] 1
   4492: ICE from regions (Cannot encode region variables) [A-regions] [I-ICE]
   3658: Remove the pipe protocol compiler [A-frontend] [B-clarifying] 3
   3167: Borrowed pointers in destructors enable use-after-free crashes [I-crash] [A-regions] 1
   3127: More mysterious coretest races. [A-libs] [I-crash] [E-hard]
   4000: document core::path [A-docs] [A-libs] [I-completion]
   3461: Trying to put a named function into a twiddle box does weird thing [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] [A-regions] 2
   3114: Macro import/export [I-completion] [A-syntaxext] 2
   3617: Bad signature for `main` asserts [E-easy] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics] 2
   3441: document task scheduler [A-docs] [I-completion] 5
   4439: Call to vec::filter causes segfault in rustdoc tests [I-crash] [A-regions] 1
   4107: Questionable type inference fail using complex generics and static methods [I-wrong] [B-clarifying] [A-traits]
   4983: wrong doc on core::run::run_program [A-docs] [I-wrong]
   4161: pretty printer adds an extra space in borrowed pointer return type [E-easy] [I-wrong] [A-pretty]
   3290: glue_drop and glue_take in bad order [I-crash] [A-codegen] 2
   3275: rewrite core::either to not require so much T:copy [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup]
   4325: "Cannot root managed value long enough" with recursion and returning borrowed pointers [I-papercut] [A-regions]
   3738: Stop putting the ident interner in local storage [A-frontend] [I-completion] 1
   3941: Rename core::info, etc. and modernize [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-papercut] [A-syntaxext] 2
   3674: Crash "free(): invalid pointer" in in a separate task [A-libs] [I-crash] [A-concurrency] 9
   2429: "the type of this value must be known in this context" is fatal [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] 2
   3678: Extern/native function reform [I-cleanup] [A-typesystem] [A-codegen] 4
   2909: 'make clean' does not make clean enough [I-wrong] [A-build]
tjc :
   3747: Bad error message for random character before a "use" [A-frontend] [I-wrong] [A-diagnostics]
   4120: early exit ICE [A-codegen] [I-ICE] 3
   3988: "rustc has stopped working" on windows [I-crash] [A-windows] 1
   2868: Remove redundant functions from  libraries [A-libs] [I-cleanup] [B-RFC] 1
   4208: ICE with trait inheritance/generics [A-linkage] [I-ICE] [A-traits] 4
   3989: lmodern.sty missing on Ubuntu 12.10 [A-docs] [I-wrong] [A-linux] [A-build]
   5099: Internal compiler error: trait B < A > { fn a() -> A { self.a} } [I-ICE] [A-traits] 1
   5226: make check broken on windows [I-wrong] [A-windows] [A-build]
   4387: ICE when attempting to use arithmetic expression as fixed vector length [A-frontend] [I-ICE]
   4636: Un-ignore range tests on Windows [I-wrong] [A-testsuite] [A-windows] 1
   3793: vec::find should return a reference [A-libs] [I-wrong]
   3283: Unconstrained region variables when making str-ptr-ptr hash and eq [I-wrong] [A-regions] 2
   3285: Struct literals should use assignability for their fields [A-typesystem] [I-papercut]
   4512: Segfault without using `unsafe` in this program extracted from the test suite [A-libs] [I-crash] [A-testsuite] 1
   4074: flatpipes is (partly) unsafe without Pod kind [A-libs] [I-wrong] 2
   4213: Incorrect type checking for trait inheritance [I-wrong] [A-traits] 2
   3874: ref pattern nested inside let LHS causes LLVM assertion failure [A-codegen] [I-ICE] 3
   3968: Race condition running test suite with -jX [I-wrong] [A-testsuite] [A-build]
   4736: ICE initializing tuple-struct with field initializers [A-typesystem] [I-ICE] 2
   3342: document lang attribute [A-docs] [I-completion] [A-attributes]
   3991: Possibly bogus `illegal borrow unless pure` error [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics] [A-regions] 3
   3614: Inner attributes on impls don't parse [I-wrong] [A-attributes] [A-parser]
   3820: Operator overloading without implementing the respective trait [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] [I-ICE] 1
   3556: formatting recursive enums seg faults [A-libs] [I-crash] 1
   3317: Document core::io [A-docs] [I-completion]
   4100: supertrait methods should be callable on object types [I-completion] [A-traits] 2
   3984: Kind inheritance [I-completion] [A-typesystem]
   5062: ICE: Autoderef but type not derefable on fmt!("%?", None) [A-typesystem] [I-ICE]
   4241: internal compiler error: unexpected failure [A-codegen] [I-ICE]
   3065: Syntax backtraces don't work for the new macro system [E-easy] [A-syntaxext]
   2166: symbols versions are not mangled correctly [A-linkage] [I-wrong] [A-versioning] 6 @
   4394: DNS: and [I-wrong] [A-infrastructure]
   3039: Box-enclosed destructors can't safely access other boxes. [A-typesystem] [I-crash] 7
   4556: Core documentation about how the prelude is injected is wrong [A-docs] [I-wrong] 1
   3907: XCrate typedef of trait makes ICE [A-linkage] [I-ICE] [A-traits] 1
   4542: Segfault matching copy of dereferenced owned string [I-crash] [A-codegen] 6
   4712: FIXME---support overloaded operators in expr_assign_op in the moves computation [I-completion] [A-regions]
   4267: ICE on destructuring [A-typesystem] [A-diagnostics] [I-ICE] 2
   3225: Installing multiple versions doesn't work well [A-build] [I-papercut] 2 @
   4295: Error calling supertrait method via trait reference... [I-wrong] [A-traits] 1
   3262: Constants for mutability that are useful for visitor api are in libsyntax... [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 2
   4252: ICE with constrained generic types and Drop trait [I-ICE] [A-traits]
   3066: `file!`, `line!` and `col!` (and possibly `module!`) do the Wrong Thing. [E-easy] [I-wrong] [A-syntaxext] 1
   3660: Libraries installed on windows do not have expected symbols [I-wrong] [A-windows] 8
   3944: Convert compiler to use Drop trait [I-cleanup] [A-traits] 1
   3466: Remove `<-` and `<->` forms [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-wrong] 5
   4210: repr and/or reflection gets confused about box mutability [A-libs] [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] @
   2891: Calculate a per-scheduler name in the constructor for rust_sched_loop [A-runtime] [I-cleanup]
   4219: Rewrite core::int, etc. to use item macros. Remove #[merge] hack [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] [A-syntaxext] 8
   4257: structural_records warning [A-frontend] [I-cleanup] [A-lint] [A-syntaxext] 1
   3361: Statically link the runtime to core [I-cleanup] [A-build]
   3973: Impls should not allow methods not defined in the trait to be implemented [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics] [A-resolve] 1
   5035: assert fail id.crate != ast::local_crate with trait inhertance and type synonyms [I-ICE] [A-traits]
   4260: ICE with library crate [A-linkage] [I-ICE] [A-metadata] 2
   3475: intrinsic and core's #[lang] attribute are redundant with one another [A-libs] [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] @
   3170: Report const index out-of-bound condition earlier [E-easy] [I-cleanup] [I-completion] [A-diagnostics] 1
   4265: cannot have static and instance methods with the same name [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] [B-clarifying] 3
graydon :
   910: Decide what to do when a resource destructor fails [A-runtime] [I-completion] [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] [B-clarifying] 4
   3387: Borrow check does not detect moves in overloaded operators [A-typesystem] [I-crash] [A-regions] 2
   3548: port the "autoref-arg" code used in overloaded operators to use the ptr adjustment table [I-cleanup] [A-typesystem] [A-codegen] 1
   4306: "unable to find implementation of trait" with a combination of a generic trait & a static method [I-wrong] [A-traits] 1
   4259: Upstream the llvm patches [I-completion] [A-llvm] 1
   3355: Rename vec::to_mut/from_mut [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 3
   4204: Add `uninit` intrinsic. Use in `core::vec` [A-libs] [E-easy] [A-codegen]
   4541: Segfault when matching a copy of a owned box [A-runtime] [I-crash] [A-codegen] 3
   3572: str::view interacts strangely with @str values [I-wrong] [A-regions] 1
   3588: ICE: encode_symbol: id not found [I-ICE] [A-metadata] 3
   4264: 'rustc --pretty typed' fails for hello world [A-frontend] [A-pretty] [I-ICE] 3
   4773: ICE when macro expansion has free syntactic variable reference [A-syntaxext] [I-ICE] 1
   3768: Reflection-based printing traverses cycles and runs out of stack [A-runtime] [I-crash] [A-pretty]
   3899: Linking to static native libraries loses the native library debug info [A-linkage] [I-wrong] [A-debuginfo]
   3111: Split core::ptr into modules for unsafe pointers and region pointers [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup]
   3295: "foo() -> !" means something different in fns than in proto! [A-frontend] [A-syntaxext] [A-grammar] [I-wishlist] [A-concurrency]
   3961: Incorrect mixing of character and byte positions in parser [I-wrong] [A-parser] 1
   3319: rustc vs rustc.exe in PATH (Windows/MinGW) [I-cleanup] [A-windows] [A-build] 1
   3216: Compiling "Hello World" can take a prohibitive amount of time [I-slow] [A-codegen] 2 @
   4363: ICE on recursive type [E-hard] [A-codegen] [I-ICE] 7
   2068: Try to eliminate "new" libstdc++ dependencies in rt and rustllvm [A-runtime] [A-linux] [A-build] @
   4800: Make core::ops appear in the docs [A-docs] [A-libs] [I-wrong]
   4517: Type errors still use old fixed-length vector syntax [E-easy] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics]
   3420: path empty [A-libs] [I-completion] [B-clarifying] 3
   4075: Anonymous impls on traits do not work [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   4508: Structure instantiation doesn't handle structure typedefs [B-clarifying] 1
   3864: Add section on ~[], DVec, etc to the tutorial [A-docs] [E-easy] [I-completion] 2
   4898: Inconsistency with 1-tuples [I-wrong] [A-grammar] [A-parser] 4
   3083: Warn when a local is "mut" but clearly not mutated [E-easy] [I-enhancement] [A-lint] 8
   3242: Include name in "unresolved name" error messages. [I-papercut] [A-resolve]
   4464: Borrow check error with "unknown scope" region for callee's self parameter [A-regions] [I-ICE] 1
   3266: unused variable / dead assignment warnings should have lint modes [I-papercut] [A-lint] 3
   4850: Adding self parameter to trait causes code to segfault [I-crash] [A-codegen] [A-traits]
   3437: Add a Repr trait that's distinct from ToStr (or a repr() method on ToStr) [A-libs] [E-easy] 1
   4735: Finalizer not run on tuple-like structs [I-wrong] [A-codegen]
   3131: core::iter tests are all commented out [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] [A-testsuite] 1
   3232: macro parser should back out of failed nonterminal parsing [I-wrong] [A-syntaxext] [A-parser] 4
   3645: ICE when compiling vector literal with non-constant length [A-typesystem] [A-diagnostics] [I-ICE] 2
   3346: crate name in log map is taken from name of output binary, not the crate name [E-easy] [A-linkage] [I-wrong] 2
   3529: "Const" is confusing [A-frontend] [I-cleanup] [B-RFC] 4
   4577: "newtype" structs fail to work across crates [A-typesystem] [A-linkage] [I-wrong] 1
   2992: Type parameters that appear in a fn type should not require an owned bound [I-wrong] [A-regions] 4
   3024: Borrow check needs to consider moves into patterns [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] [A-regions] 10
   3938: rustc's test pass shouldn't generate calls to os::args [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-wrong] [A-syntaxext]
   4033: Resolve doesn't report name conflicts between a module renaming and another module [I-wrong] [A-resolve]
   2579: os::copy_file needs to copy the execution bit [A-libs] [I-wrong]
   4494: Segmentation fault (core dump) in Rust 0.6 [I-crash] 1
   3727: Remove front::intrinsic::get_tydesc [A-frontend] [I-cleanup] 2
   4037: Segfault in reflection on enum variants [A-runtime] [A-libs] [I-crash]
   4654: Move+return in a for loop "moving out of captured outer immutable variable in a stack closure" [I-papercut] [A-regions] 15
   4760: LLVM assertion getting a reference out of tuple [A-codegen] [I-ICE] 2
   3113: Record with only float fields cannot be passed by-value (++) to foreign code [A-codegen] [I-ICE]
   4182: Import WriterUtil by default [A-libs] [I-papercut] 2
   4350: test/run-pass/ fails with ICE in trans [I-ICE] [A-traits]
   3428: GC bots [I-completion] [A-testsuite] [A-build]
   3495: Eliminate the 'no debug symbols in executable' warning on mac [A-macos] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics] 2
   3843: str::buf_as_slice includes (and reads) uninitialized memory in the slice [A-libs] [I-wrong]
nikomatsakis :
   1603: Should rustc.exe be statically linked to libgcc etc.? [A-linkage] [A-windows] [E-hard] [I-enhancement] 3 @
   3624: Eliminate move_it macros [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 3
   4234: Tutorial needs better discussion of mutability and linearity [A-docs] [I-completion] [A-regions] 1
   4406: trait that omits & on self type signals LLVM assertion failure [A-codegen] [I-ICE] [A-traits] 2
   4220: inferred literals and integer-const expressions aren't overflow checked [E-easy] [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] 5
   4185: rustc runs out of stack then asserts a leak and crashes [I-ICE]
   4759: Segfault moving out of a struct and then calling a move-out-of-self method [I-crash] [A-regions] 1
   4338: Using mod <name> in <name>.rs leads to "internal compiler error: unexpected failure" [A-frontend] [A-resolve] [I-ICE] 1
   4547: Assertion failure causes wrong exit status [A-libs] [I-wrong] 2
   4321: Error message for non-exhaustive pattern only shows part of missing case [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics]
   3438: rand should not use boxed traits [A-libs] [E-easy] 2
   4247: fatal error: 'new' file not found [I-wrong] [A-linux] [A-build]
   3611: future module is confusing, as is relationship to task [A-docs] [A-libs] [I-cleanup] 3
   4374: xfailed fully-qualified-type-name3, pptypedef, unsafe-fn-autoderef [I-wrong] [A-testsuite]
   1879: support LLVM subtargets [A-llvm] [A-driver] [I-enhancement] [A-codegen] 1 @
   4270: Type-directed method resolution does not work through pointers [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   4319: closure type fails to be inferred properly for vec foldl method [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] 1
   4855: ICE trying to borrow invalid borrowed-pointer subscript [A-regions] [I-ICE] 1
   3494: Reduce the complexity around rust_sched_launcher [A-runtime] [I-cleanup]
   4019: Rewrite in Rust [I-cleanup] [A-testsuite] [A-build]
   2478: returning an unconstrained, bound region should be an error [I-enhancement] [A-lint] [A-regions] 2
   3171: Generic foreign fns (former crust functions) cause an ICE [A-typesystem] [A-codegen] [I-ICE]
   4564: Using %? in fmt! broken on Windows 7 [A-linkage] [I-crash] [A-windows]
   3496: Reduce the size of scheduler thread stacks [A-runtime] [E-easy] [I-slow] [A-concurrency]
   4116: Reintroduce directory modules [E-easy] [B-RFC]
   3778: LLVM assertion failure with self-referential struct [A-codegen] [I-ICE]
   3352: circular imports [I-completion] [A-linkage] [C-postponed] 4
   4294: can't find crate for `core` [A-build] [I-papercut] [A-diagnostics] 1
   3770: Stop rebuilding crates during testing [I-slow] [A-build]
   5008: cast to &Trait causes code to segfault on method call [I-crash] [A-traits] 2
   908: Implement unwinding for Windows [A-runtime] [I-wrong] [A-llvm] [A-windows] [A-codegen] 2
   5403: Stop building clang [A-llvm] 2
   3804: unsafe-ness not visible in library reference doc [A-docs] [I-wrong] [A-rustdoc] 1
   3695: Make recursing too deep a fatal runtime error and make the limit larger [A-runtime] [I-enhancement] 6
   4665: Remove structural records from libcore, libstd, macros [A-libs] [I-cleanup] [A-syntaxext] 8
   4131: Can't break to a labeled loop from inside a for loop [I-wrong] [A-codegen]
   4364: De-mode libsyntax and librustc [I-cleanup] [A-codegen]
   3137: Non exported paths can be imported from other crates if they are reachable [A-linkage] [I-wrong]
   3756: Split Vim extensions into separate repository [I-cleanup] [A-tools] 3
   2012: Rewrite debuginfo [I-wrong] [A-debuginfo] [E-hard] [A-codegen]
   2525: allow classes/nominal types to be declared non-copyable [A-typesystem] [I-enhancement] [A-attributes] 2
   3920: `init()` intrinsic is unsafe [A-typesystem] [I-wrong]
   2361: Implement stack maps for unwinding [A-runtime] [I-completion] [A-llvm] [A-windows] [E-hard] [A-codegen] 13
   3391: hardcoded paths in makefile prevent using checkinstall [I-wrong] [A-build]
   3794: Casting to a trait doesn't auto-coerce to a &T type [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] [A-traits] 4
   2994: Tweak error message to suggest adding an owned bound [A-typesystem] [I-papercut] [A-regions]
   4396: Calls to generic inherited methods don't work, at least in default methods [I-completion] [A-traits]
   2202: Regions and function types [I-completion] [A-regions] 13
   4780: internal compiler error: unexpected failure [A-frontend] [I-ICE] 3
   4767: Rename `core::private::global_data` [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup]
   5344: 0.6 documentation [A-docs] [I-completion] 2
   4678: Refactor typeck code handling `self` and type parameters [I-cleanup] [A-typesystem] [A-traits] 2
   623: Encode/decode meta_name_values with non-string values [A-linkage] [I-wrong]
   4223: Remove redundant vec implementations of iter traits [A-libs] [I-cleanup]
   4355: double free with ~self [A-typesystem] [I-crash] [A-codegen] 1
   4501: Swap return values of pipes::init() [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1
   2105: Make shootout benchmarks visible on website, post to [I-enhancement] [A-infrastructure] 4
pcwalton :
   4113: ICE on record update with "fail" as base record [E-easy] [A-codegen] [I-ICE] 2
   4099: Incorrect inference for default methods on generic traits [I-wrong] [A-traits] 1
   3850: Refactor region granularity [I-wrong] [A-regions]
   2893: Do some esoteric Windows magic in lock_and_signal [A-runtime] [I-cleanup] [A-windows] 3
   3812: Illegal instruction (core dumped) with function pointers [I-crash] [B-clarifying] [A-codegen] 3
   3402: Trans refactor was major perf perturbance [I-slow] [A-codegen] 13
   3554: Consider not running the verifier in non-debug builds [A-llvm] [I-slow]
   4103: Cross-crate default methods through bounded typarams don't work [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   4824: Import module is not working as expect if crate name is the same as module name inside it. [I-wrong] [A-diagnostics] [A-resolve] 1
   4751: Documentation error for std::timer::sleep [A-docs] [A-libs] [I-wrong] [A-concurrency]
   3558: io::println allocates on the GC heap [A-libs] [I-slow] 1
   3547: the type_use code should consider ABI-specific classifications [I-wrong] [A-codegen] 2
   5045: Export pipe traits (GenericChan, etc.) from prelude by default [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1
   3603: vec::consume/consume_mut are probably not failsafe. [A-libs] [E-easy] 8
   3597: net_tcp doesn't use SO_REUSEADDR [A-libs] [I-wrong]
   3235: Make "let" and "match" share the same trans code [I-crash] [A-codegen] 3
   4036: Two test cases for incorrect region inference [A-regions] [I-ICE] 3
   4846: New syntax for lifetimes [A-typesystem] [A-pretty] [E-hard] [I-enhancement] [A-regions] [A-parser]
   3227: De-duplicate methods in core::path(2) when default trait methods work [A-libs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup] 1 @
   5050: Can't find impl for type involving & [I-wrong] [A-traits]
   3980: Numeric types should satisfy the Add trait [A-libs] [I-completion] [A-typesystem]
   3636: doc tests should run with warnings as errors [A-docs] [I-cleanup] [A-testsuite]
   3552: Destroying the LLVM Module is slow [A-llvm] [I-slow]
   4227: Can't call a static method on an anonymous trait [I-wrong] [A-traits] 2
   4293: crate-relative docs [A-docs] [I-completion]
   3853: Convert constructors to new conventions [A-libs] [I-cleanup] 4
   3999: EBNF formatting [A-docs] [E-easy] [I-cleanup]
   4040: macro referencing unbound syntax variable causes ICE [A-syntaxext] [I-ICE]
   3445: Windows split stack complications? [A-runtime] [I-wrong] [A-windows] [E-hard] 1
   3480: Very bad error message for missing trait [A-typesystem] [I-wrong] [A-traits] 2
   3549: Move dlist to std [A-libs] [I-cleanup] 3
   4478: Too many tests trigger a valgrind internal assertion about function size [A-frontend] [I-wrong] [A-testsuite] 3
   3921: std::rl is unsafe [A-libs] [I-wrong] 1
   3627: Convert assert, log, fail to macros [A-frontend] [I-completion] 1
   3159: rustdoc should handle impls differently [I-completion] [A-rustdoc]
   4783: Failed to compile in OS X with a manually compiled GCC [I-wrong] [A-build] 3
   3707: ICE when instance method calls static method [A-codegen] [I-ICE] [A-traits] 2
   3120: Integrate c-ares with the runtime [A-runtime] [A-libs] [I-completion] 3
   2034: Modularize handling of x64 ABI rules in [I-cleanup] [E-hard] [A-codegen] @
   3667: Windows installer adds an extra bin directory filled with extra junk [I-cleanup] [A-windows] [A-build] 1
   4603: Factor out code duplication in src/test/bench/ [A-libs] [I-cleanup]
   4094: Use statements do not shadow previous items [A-linkage] [I-wrong]
   4031: Add a io::Writer wrapper that supports pushback [A-libs] [I-completion]
   4318: Segfault with explicit self and vectors [I-crash] [A-codegen] [A-traits]
   3347: rustc --ls is broken [I-wrong] [A-metadata]
   2004: core::io cleanup [A-libs] [I-cleanup] 2 @
   3566: Remove unnecessary logic in new_stack_fast [A-runtime] [I-cleanup]
   4878: Segfault on trivial consumption of vector [I-crash] [A-codegen] 1
   3604: We need an core::at_str library [A-libs] [I-completion] [B-clarifying] 4
   3728: Allow constant expressions to refer to constants defined in other crates [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-completion] [A-linkage]
   3779: No check for infinitely sized structs [I-crash] [A-codegen] 1
   3084: Warn when integer constant does not fit [A-frontend] [E-easy] [I-papercut] [A-lint]
   4184: ICE with trait inheritance and generic constraints [I-ICE] [A-traits] 1
   3694: Internal compiler error when using a trait with default implementations as a field in a struct [I-ICE] [A-traits] 1
   4607: LLVM linking problem with incoming [I-wrong] [A-llvm] [A-build] 3
   3239: crust functions passed as arguments can't be treated as *u8 [A-typesystem] [A-linkage] [I-wrong]